Flower Pot Iron

Blumenuebertopf Eisen silber
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  • XDC-2300
Cast iron products of  ja-unendlich brand  are handmade works of art, made in the rare... mehr
Produktinformationen "Flower Pot Iron"

Cast iron products of ja-unendlich brand are handmade works of art, made in the rare sand casting process according to Japanese tradition. With up to 40 elaborate work steps, each product is a colorful and unique, color and size may vary slightly.

Quality, aesthetics and sophistication are three sisters that couldn't be more different and yet complement each other perfectly. Together you go on a journey of discovery. Finesse is very astonished: "Oh, there are now flower pots in great colors and the unique material cast iron." "I think this model is also very beautiful - this clear shape and ideal pot size.", Confirms the aesthetics. "And especially suitable for outdoors! no wind knocks this pot down, ”adds Quality.

The flowerpot has the mass: 12cm in diameter and a height of 11cm.

Artikel-Nr.: XDC-2300
Colore: Black, Blue, Green, Silver
Material: Gusseisen
Modello: Blumentopf
Quantità: 11cm
Artikelgewicht: 1.2 kg
Länge Verpackung: 12 cm
Höhe Verpackung: 11 cm
Breite Verpackung: 12 cm