Hama 1.0l Teiera Ghisa

Hama 1.0l Teiera Ghisa
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Konfigurator für den besonderen Deckel

Anstelle des Original-Deckels kann ein variabler Deckel mit verschiedenen Inlays und/oder anderen Noppen bestellt werden. Bitte wähle unten Deine Wünsche aus.

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  • MAR1.2l-9000-9932
  • 4260377257568
“Beautiful florets growing around the pot“, aesthetics is holding the pot up in the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hama 1.0l Teiera Ghisa"

“Beautiful florets growing around the pot“, aesthetics is holding the pot up in the air and smiles. “Truly beautiful – especially if you replace the knob for a flower”, ingenuity adds. “And even though it has this delicate flower pattern it is still highly sturdy”, adds quality.

Hama is a fancy teapot model by JA-UNENDLICH. The highlight: The classic round knob can be changed for a flower. About this great idea not only ingenuity is excited but also quality and aesthetics are delighted.You can fill it with up to 1,0 liter of liquid – hot and cold. In the price included are a matching coaster and a premium steel strainer. You want to enjoy the teapot for a long time? The manual will tell you how.

Artikel-Nr.: MAR1.2l-9000-9932
EAN: 4260377257568
Colore: Black, Brown, Green, Red
Stil : Verspielt
Modello: Mari
Quantità: 1.0l
Artikelgewicht: 2 kg
Länge Verpackung: 18 cm
Höhe Verpackung: 12 cm
Breite Verpackung: 18 cm