Manual to use cast iron

Our handcrafted works of art are manufactured using a rare sandcasting process, following a Japanese tradition. Up to 40 individual intensive production steps turn every product into a colorful, one-of-a-kind specimen.

Cast Iron Properties
Cast iron stands apart from other materials due to its ability to store heat and cold for long periods – making it perfect for cooking and baking, but also for cooling food and drinks. In addition, cast iron is extremely durable.

Instructions for Use
Before using a cast iron product, you should rinse it with warm water several times and dry it thoroughly. Cast iron works with any heat source, except microwaves. If you want to use a cast iron product on a stove, make sure to always place some
oil or water on the inside bottom of the product before exposing it to heat. Leave hot cast iron products to cool before rinsing them with water. Avoid sudden temperature changes, like filling cold liquids into a hot cast iron product for
example, as this may damage the enamel coating. Always dry the product thoroughly after each use. Avoid using cleaning agents and rough sponges. This could damage the coating.

Adhering to these simple instructions will let you enjoy our unique and beautiful
JA-UNENDLICH cast iron products for a very long time.